Gait4Dog Gait Analysis

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South Paws uses the Gait4Dog® gait analysis system in order to capture and objectively analyze a patient's gait in just minutes. The walkway is a pressure sensitive mat with over 18,000 sensors that communicate with software that allows us to evaluate a patient's gait information, the presence of lameness in a particular limb, and compensation to other limbs (or overloading to other limbs.) Additionally, we're able to evaluate step and stride length, stance time, swing time, velocity, and most importantly, the total pressure index of the limb (how much weight they are bearing.)

This information is invaluable to our surgeons, as it provides a baseline before surgery, rehabilitation, or regenerative cell therapies are administered. We can then monitor the progress of each patient with repeated analysis, which then directs us where changes might be beneficial to give your pet the best possible outcome.

South Paws Veterinary Specialists

Understanding Gait Analysis

Normally, when a dog is walking, more weight is placed on the forelimbs compared to the pelvic limbs. Typically, 60% of the dog’s weight is present on the forelimbs (30% on each limb) and 40% is present in the pelvic limbs (20% on each limb.) While there is some variation from breed to breed, most dogs distribute their weight similarly. During our evaluation, the total pressure index is the most important measurement for evaluating lameness. The total pressure index allows us to understand how much weight your pet is placing on each limb, where there are deficits (or lameness,) and where they are compensating (or overloading) on other limbs. The Gait4Dog® walkway is also useful in capturing and analyzing gait data and then converting it to a gait lameness score or (GLS score.) This provides both you and our doctors a visual interpretation of the total pressure index on each limb.

Why is gait analysis so important to your dog?

Animals are inherently stoic and can be difficult to evaluate for a subtle lameness in a limb. When your pet uses the Gait4Dog® system, it provides us objective data to refer back to after treatment. It is also an excellent way for us to monitor your dog’s progression during rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

South Paws Veterinary Specialists