Pet Diagnostics in Mandeville, LA

Myelography (Myelogram)

Epidural for pets in mandevilleMyelography is a radiographic procedure that involves using a contrast dye to determine if there are lesions to the spinal cord.

Very often, spinal cord lesions go undetected by the use of regular radiographs. If a spinal cord injury is suspected and is not readily seen on plain radiographs, a myelogram may be essential for an accurate diagnosis.

Performing a myelogram requires special training and should be done by a specialist. General anesthesia is required in order to keep your pet completely still during the procedure. A type of dye is injected into the lower back area of your pet (the subarachnoid space, which is the space between the spinal cord and the vertebrae) and flows along the spinal cord toward his or her head. After the dye is injected, a series of radiographs is taken. The dye is seen exceptionally well in radiographs and causes the spinal cord to be outlined. If a bulging or protruding disc is present, the dye is displaced in the area of the injury. A myelogram needs to be considered to confirm a diagnosis and to determine the exact location for surgery.

The team at South Paws Veterinary Specialists is highly experienced at performing myelograms.

Diagnostic Laboratory

mandeville pet diagnosticsBlood and laboratory tests are often very helpful in making an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition and as an indicator of your pet's overall health. Not everything can be detected from a physical examination, radiographs and other diagnostic tests. There are times when blood testing, biopsies, microscopic examinations and bacterial culture or sensitivity are required for a more complete picture.

South Paws Veterinary Specialists is equipped with sophisticated instruments that allow us to measure many laboratory values. These laboratory instruments as well as our other in-house diagnostic capabilities allow us to obtain results pre-surgically, or in an emergency, within minutes.

South Paws Veterinary Specialists' extensive laboratory services provide information that is critical to your sick or injured pet. Our technicians are highly-trained at performing laboratory tests and many results are available within minutes. Along with our laboratory capabilities, we also work with several outside referral laboratories should your pet require more specialized testing.